Injecting polymers whether epoxy, foaming urethanes, or multi component acrylics requires an understanding of the problem at hand and which solution will be most effective. We have a dedicated crew of injection specialists stabilizing structurally compromised concrete, filling void space under slabs and behind foundation walls, staunching active leaks with quick setting low viscosity materials.

Expansion Joints

Whether specified mechanical, pre-compressed, watertight or purely aesthetic, TWC installs all manner of external and internal expansion joint assemblies.

Underslab Vapor Mitigation

Structures built on sites contaminated by a multitude of pollutants can be protected by properly designed and constructed vapor mitigation systems. TWC’s crew expertly installs both vapor venting and multi-layer membrane system, sealing the building interior from deleterious vapors, and tests the efficacy of their system using pressurized smoke injection techniques.

Clean Room Joint Sealants

One of the greatest growing segments of metropolitan Boston’s building boom is in the area of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research. Labs and vivariums in these buildings require a higher standard and scope of sealant work to ensure clean rooms remain just that, clean. TWC has been a pioneer in this segment since its advent.